Insulation Material Artflex 100(also known as TAYVEK in Iran)
ARTFLEX was the latest technology to encounter the natural devastating elements, in construction with high endurance, easy application and too last which makes our product a better choice when compared to other insulation material. These points are decisive when constructors have to choose the best material all around.
ARTFLEX 100 is known as TAYVEK in Iran is applied to all double layer facings like composites, woodsidings prefabricated walls and all slopped roofs all sorts (clay, wooden, metal roof tiles)with the aim to withstand all rough climates.

This barrier, considering the high grade technical properties it contains, protects the buildings from rain, snow or any water which penetrates through the cracks or any crevices between the walls and facade.
ARTFLEX 100 use snonwoven fabric as its substrate which provide greater strength as compared to other types of insulation materials.
The breathability factor of ARTFLEX 100 allows the vapor to pass through the material which stops all sorts of molds which are harmful to the structure, roofs and utilities. This particular property does not apply to other insulation materials in the market.

artflex100 artmanarc

Application of nonwoven in the production of ARTFLEX 100, upgrades the insulation properties which prevented the leakage of hot and cold air the cracks or crevices in the walls and roofs which in turn stops wasting energy by 35%.
This insulation material can be applied to all types of roofs and facade. The less volume and lightness as compared to other materials and moreover using ARTFLEX without the need for flame makes it all so much easier to apply which reduces the total cost and increases the efficiency of insulation works.


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