This insulation material is manufactured according the latest technology in this field with great resistance against penetration of water and also high durability, easy application and low installation costs as compared to other conventional types like tarmacked material for insulation purposes.

Artflex 300


Major applications are in bathrooms, toilets, pools, roofs, and walls and floor surfaces in contact with water.
ARTFLEX 300 does not allows water penetration under any circumstances due to its lightness, small volume and installation without flame makes all easy to apply resulting the best choice in insulators for all purposes.

This material is made of nonwoven fabric which entails high strength along with long durability.
ARTFLEX 300 is applied for flooring insulation specially where PVC pipes are installed and use any flame is not advisable.

Application ARTFLEX 300 is easy and fast due to lightness and small volume. Tiles and similar materials can be laid on the top of the insulation. Installation of this type of insulators is suitable where there are corners, pipes or water drainages due to high flexibility of ARTFLEX 300.
This insulator is based on concrete surfaces using construction adhesive and then all sorts of tiles are bind on top. The easy application of this products outmarkets all other traditional insulators using flame for installation.

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